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Iain Coleman | March 18, 2010

I've been rereading William Goldman's masterful script for The Princess Bride Zithromax For Sale, , and before I do a meatier post on the story as a whole, I'd like to quickly mention one lovely piece of technique that I noticed. Where to buy Zithromax, Spoilers follow. If you haven't seen The Princess Bride yet, buy Zithromax online cod, Zithromax for sale, stop reading this and go and watch it.

We're in the last act, buy no prescription Zithromax online, Zithromax interactions, and Princess Buttercup has decided to kill herself rather than spend her life married to the villainous Prince Humperdink. So here's a technical question: how do you get across to the audience the fact that a character has decided to commit suicide, where can i buy cheapest Zithromax online.

Here's how Goldman does it:


BUTTERCUP WALKING WITH THE KING, Zithromax For Sale. Zithromax from mexico, The QUEEN, more sprightly, Zithromax treatment, Zithromax australia, uk, us, usa, is several paces ahead.
(Can hardly be understood) Strange marriage, kjøpe Zithromax på nett, köpa Zithromax online. Buy Zithromax online no prescription, BUTTERCUP gently kisses him on the forehead. He's very surprised and pleased, Zithromax cost. Zithromax For Sale, KING
What was that for. Zithromax from canadian pharmacy, BUTTERCUP
Because you've always been kind to me and I won't be seeing you again, since I'm killing myself once we reach the Honeymoon Suite

(Smiling away -- his hearing isn't what it once was)
Isn't that nice, fast shipping Zithromax. Real brand Zithromax online, (Calling out to the Queen) She kissed me...

She nods goodbye, buy cheap Zithromax, Cheap Zithromax no rx, walks inside as they toddle on.
(A passing thought)
Could she have said she was going to kill herself, Zithromax online cod.

(Shakes her head)
You and your hearing, Zithromax For Sale. Zithromax images, [/scrippet]

Buttercup makes this declaration to someone who doesn't hear it. Why, Zithromax coupon. After Zithromax, Because if she tells someone who understands what she's saying, that person will have to react in some significant way - to restrain her, Zithromax no rx, Order Zithromax online overnight delivery no prescription, raise the alarm, or whatever - and that would derail the story, buy Zithromax no prescription. Discount Zithromax, And if she doesn't tell anyone, how will the audience know what she's thinking, online Zithromax without a prescription. Zithromax pictures, Oh, she could make a big deal out of preparing for suicide, Zithromax class, Zithromax forum, nearly going through with it, breaking down then resolving herself.., Zithromax use. Where can i buy Zithromax online, but that wouldn't really fit the fairy tale tone.

Goldman uses this technique for comic effect, Zithromax price, coupon, Zithromax canada, mexico, india, with the sweet, doddery old king, Zithromax schedule, Online buy Zithromax without a prescription, but the same principle could be used for darker dramatic purposes: a woman tries to tell her best friend she's going to kill herself, but the mobile phone signal drops out at the crucial moment, or she screams it at her husband who is too wrapped up in listening to music on his headphones to notice. Telling someone who doesn't hear may not be a tool you use often, but it's nice to have it in the toolbox.

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