Forge research connections

There has never been a greater need to forge research connections between universities and organisations outside of academia, to drive social and economic advancement.

Universities need to engage with outside organisations across a range of sectors, from government to business to charities and cultural institutions, while making the most of limited resources.

Businesses want to work with universities, but can find it hard to get a handle on the distinct cultures and agendas within the higher education sector.

Iain Coleman provides consultancy services to universities and businesses, leveraging the research impact and knowledge exchange agendas to bridge the gap between academia and the wider world.

With an in-depth understanding of the needs and drivers of the higher education sector, Iain Coleman provides strategic insights based on in-depth qualitative and quantitative research.

Northumbria University commissioned Iain to scope options for models of university-policy engagement. Iain brought an engaging, informed, and intelligent approach to this work, providing a well-written report to time and within budget.

Lucy Jowett, Research Impact Manager, Northumbria University

We have framed CodeBase as a “missing institution” for some time now, working to explore and understand how startups, investors, large corporations, the state and academia can better bring about increased, better and more inclusive tech ecosystem innovation.

In Scotland, that work has led to us being awarded the Scottish Government’s first nationwide “Tech Scaler” contract.

Throughout that time, CodeBase has worked with Iain to better understand and engage with the university sector, looking to him for guidance, expertise and war stories.

Iain’s insights have been invaluable, and we continue to work with him as we navigate the ever-changing waters of tech ecosystem innovation, looking to build stronger and stronger strategic ties with academia.

Steven Drost, Chief Strategy Officer, Codebase Ltd